Advanced Topics in Interactivity

03.1 — High Fidelity Interactive Prototype

I designed my high fidelity wireframes by creating a design system in Figma, which made it much easier to add and change elements throughout the app. Currently, the prototype highlights the following user flows: setting up your device, viewing the dashboard, tapping into an issue on the dashboard, viewing car details and its maintenance history, and understanding engine health diagnostics, gas milleage, and personal driving behaviour. Through critique, I've been working towards creating more text hierarchy on all the pages, as well as adding a personal driving behaviour page so it can use the collected data in a smart manner by providing usage based tips. I've also been designing it so that it doesn't completely follow a monochromatic gray colour scheme and instead makes use of more contrasting colours and shadows. 

Link to High Fidelity Prototype (Week 08)  ⟶

Link to High Fidelity Prototype (Week 07)  ⟶

Link to High Fidelity Figma File  ⟶

03.2 — Design System Catalogue