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Tracking the health of your car just got easier with +CTRL, the all new smart OBD II tracking device. Pair the smart companion device with the app, available now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.  


Meet +CTRL, the all new smart device that empowers drivers — novice or expert. Tracking the health of your car just got easier with this OBD II tracking device. Simply plug it into your car's data port and pair it with its companion mobile phone app. You can access real time data that's being collected on your car to improve its lifespan.

Engine Health Diagnostics

Access engine health diagnostics, gasoline mileage, and personal behaviour patterns on your car to improve its lifespan.


Easing the anxiety of drivers one car at a time.

Code Scanning

You can do it yourself but you don’t have to. View full details on engine codes, including symptoms and tips on fixing the code, as well as top rated mechanics nearby. 


Would rather have a mechanic take a look?

Download and send your car’s collected data based on the engine code for a confident visit to a top rated mechanic near you.


Anytime. Anywhere.

Real-Time Data

Access your data in or away from your car and receive notifications for any reported issues. Data based on engine codes can be downloaded and sent to local mechanics for a worry-free visit. 


Add Multiple Cars

Drive more than one car? You can add add multiple cars and keep track of them under the same account. 

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Get your very own +CTRL device today for $149.99.

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